Canada's 150 Birthday

10/04/2017 20:26

We are celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday with a Special on our White Pine 2yr seedling in pots for $1.50 each.

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31/03/2017 09:24

I will be down at the farm center daily starting April 4th. Please call ahead and my answering service will let you know if I am at the farm or not.

My Mom which many of you may remember has pneumonia and not doing so good.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

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Spring fast approaching

02/03/2017 10:42

Spring is fast approaching, it seem to seek up on me every year sooner. This year my exquise is my grandsons, I am enjoying them so much. Lucas will still be with me everyday at the farm until September. I am one lucky Nana. I have attached this year Pricelist if you cannot get it to come up just email and I will directly email it to you. Looking forward to seeing all my friends and customers this year.

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Closed for the Season

05/12/2016 08:11

Well it's December already so the Farm Center is Closed until the First of April. We are still around to answer any of your questions or placing orders for Spring 2017. Also just a note of interest we no longer sell Christmas Trees. Thanks, Julie

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Pre-Fall Sale

31/07/2016 15:11

I am about to start to re-pot stock, but before I do you can save on the smaller size pot Sale Price. You can download the file or Call me at 59-866-5269.  White Spruce, Showy Mt. Ash, Spicebush, Ohio Buckeye, Dwarf Hackberry and White Pine Plugs. Pre-Fall 2016 Specials.pdf (161105) The Sale will run from August 1st - August 27 or until they get re-potted.

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Closing early

04/06/2016 07:10

I will be closing at noon Saturday June 4th. Sorry but my babies come first.

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June Specials

01/06/2016 08:35
Specials for the Month of June Dwarf Hackberry ( Celtis tenuifolia) It is one of our rare species. They are reg. $12.50 on Sale for $6.50 in 1gal pots. Plus our Hemlocks in 7gal pots reg. $65.00 on Sale for $50.00


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May Specials

15/05/2016 16:28

My Nana said that if I can sell any of the White Spruce 1gal for $5.00 and 2gal for $7.50 she will give me $.25 for each one I sell. We have lots.

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"Cohen" Newest member of our Family

15/05/2016 16:25

This is Cohen, our newest grandson Born April 6th, he was 5 weeks early. He is home and doing great.

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Specials for the Month of May

02/05/2016 20:00

For the whole month of May, White Spruce 1gal for $5.00 reg $7.50 and 2gal $7.00 reg. $12.50 Plus for every purchase over $50.00 a free Ohio Buckeye in a 1gal.

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16/04/2016 07:06

For the Month of April Ohio Buckeye 1gal on Sale for $5.50 reg. $7.50 Plus Hemlock 7gal on Sale for $55.00 reg $75.00  Hope to see you soon!

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Good News!

16/04/2016 07:02

On April 6th we had a Big Surprise, our 4th Grandson Cohen arrived 5 weeks early. All is good or should I say great Cohen, Mom (Jenna) and Dad (Corey) are doing great. Watch for pictures of the next little farm helper.  

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06/04/2016 08:32

Sorry but I will be closed this week. April 5 to 9

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Open April 5th

20/03/2016 10:37

I know the weather has been great out but I wanted to make sure our road was in better shape for my customers. I have been busy getting ready for the spring so I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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Time Flies

01/02/2016 15:46

I have updated our pricelist and availablity for the Spring which will be changing daily come April. Please call or email for questions.


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Wedding Areas

01/02/2016 15:42

We have had 3 weddings here in the past and would now like to offer two locations on our farm for you Special Day. See Pictures of our son Josh's wedding on facebook. I will be downloading them to the website slowing.


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Sorry No Christmas Trees Sales

07/12/2015 22:40

Just a small reminder we do not sell Christmas Trees and haven't for the past 10 tens. Many reasons.

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Farm for Sale

26/11/2015 08:26

We are going to be putting the farm back up for Sale. For more information please email me

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End of a Great Season

26/11/2015 08:20

Thanks to all my customers for a another busy year. The farm center is now closed for the season but if you are in need of trees, shrub or gift coupons please email or call. Wishing you all the best in the New Year. ~ Julie

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Beautiful Weather

02/11/2015 08:59

Sales done! But I am not I will be down at the Farm Center for at least 3 more weeks getting everything ready for the winter. So if you get the urge to plant some trees come on down. I should be around 9:00 to 4:00, so if the gate is open come on down or call first. 519-866-5269.

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End of Season SALE

18/10/2015 16:03

End of Season Clearance Sale on large selection of Stock. $5.00 for 1gal.

  •  $5.00 for 1gal.  Oaks, Maples, Cherry, Hickory, Tulip Tree, Ohio Buckeye, Dogwoods, Nannyberry, White
    Pine, White Spruce, and Flowering Shrubs
  • $10.00 for 2gal     Oaks, Maples, Pines, Tulip Tree, Chokeberry, Spricebush, Witch Hazel  
  • Over 4000 pots to choose from with saving of 30-60% 
  • Sorry Cucumber, Flowering Dogwood, Red Bud, Sycamore and Red Mulberry not included in the Sale 


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Specials September 29 to October 10

28/09/2015 09:09

Special for the next 2 weeks

  • White Spruce (Picea glauca) 1gal. 15-20" tall for $5.00 reg. $9.50
  • Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii) RARE  1gal 12-18" tall for $5.00 reg. $9.50
  • Dwarf Hackberry (Celtis tenuifolia)  RARE  1gal 2-18" tall for $5.00 reg. $12.50

While supplies last.

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Free Trees

24/09/2015 11:51

This is a Test and only a Test
for all of you wishing to do some Fall Tree Planting. This Saturday September
26 one day only for every $50.00 of stock you purchase you will receive one of
the following, your choice 1gal Ohio Buckeye, 1gal White Pine, 1gal Black Oak
or 1gal Spicebush. Hours will be 8:00 to 4:00.

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This Week's Special Sept 22-26

21/09/2015 08:49

This weeks Specials Sept. 22-2

  • Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) 7gal  $50.00 reg. $65.00
  • Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra )1gal  $4.50 reg. $9.50, 2gal $9.50 reg. $18.50
  • Spicebush  ( Lindera benzoin)  1gal $5.50 reg. $12.50, 2gal $9.50 reg.  $18.50
  • Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) 1gal for $9.50 reg.$12.50 and 2gal $12.50 reg.$18.50
  • Show Mt. Ash (Sorbus decora)4&5gal for $15.50 reg. $45.00
  • Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum)1&2gal for $4.50.


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Closed Friday September 18

18/09/2015 12:08
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Van Den Nest Nursery


Dear Friends and Valued Customers,                                                                                                   

We would like you to visit our unique little nursery specializing in Native and Carolinian Trees and Shrubs.  We offer old fashion personal service and quality stock at fair prices. We collect and propagate the majority of our seed from local hardy stock to ensure you that our stock is high in quality and hardiness.  We have a large selection of potted trees and shrubs at the Farm Center.

We would like to invite those within driving distance, down to our Farm. Trees and shrubs can add beauty, shade and windbreaks for you and also for
Wildlife.  The more trees, shrubs and flowers you have the more Birds, Butterflies and Wildlife you will enjoy in your own backyard.

We are now also going to open the farm up for weddings or any other special occasion calling it Mystic Gardens please watch for more details or email me at I have posted pictures of our son's Wedding (Josh & Amanda) to give you some ideas in the Photo Gallery

We welcome you to visit our picturesque farm.


~Pat & Julie

This is Zachery, Bradyn, Lucas and Cohen our little helpers!


Our Family

Welcome to our farm throughout the year. Flowers, colours, trees, shrubs, loading stock, potting stock, friends and family. 


Van Den Nest Nursery

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