June 23-28

21/06/2014 22:39

All Potted Stock in Garden Center All ½ Price  Over 5,000 pots to choose from

Dogwoods, Maples, Viburnums, Oaks, Evergreens, Red Buds, Tulip Trees,
Beech, Choke Cherry, Sycamore, Serviceberry, Spicebush, Larch, Sumac,
Winterberry, Choke Berries, Tamarack, Blue Beech, Hop Hornbeam, Prickly
Ash,  Wild Plum, Bladdernut, Kentucky
Coffee Tree, White Pine, White Spruce, Hemlock,  and more......

Special based on Cash and Carry /No Holding/ While supplies last

Closed June 29-July 2